Programme Overview

Walk Amongst The Ancients

A Journey into Adventure.

The Blue Mountains offers students an ideal region to provide memorable, character building and transferable experiences in the outdoors.

Participants will develop a deeper appreciation for nature through working with and taking part in adventures on the land. Through our unique Leadership and Development Program, students will take on an active role within the team, which allows for the development of a number of key life skills in our program.

By undertaking activities and working towards individual goals1, participants are equipped and empowered to achieve their personal best, take ownership of their own goals and life choices  


To provide, promote and preserve a framework of participation that equips, engages and empowers all young people in Australia to explore their potential

We have two levels in the programme - a Practise segment and a Qualifying segment

Treks and Trails. Our Immersive programme is able to provide participants on preparations including food, gear, fitness, track selection, and mental health on the track with deliverable demonstrable outcomes.

The Blue Mountains Region has always has been an icon throughout the world as an grand place for adventure and discovery in nature.

It is host to incredible views of forestry, wild animals, unique rock formations and mesmerising waterfalls.

This expansive mountain area is part of the vast Great Dividing Range (which was given World Heritage status in 2000) and for bushwalkers it's an explorers paradise. 

With kilometres worth of trails and tracks of varying degrees of difficulty, you'll find that each individual track aims to showcase one or several of the specific highlights.

Treks and Trails In the Wild is a programe designed to allow the participant to engage with the environment on a level that enhances their own sense of achievement and well being.

The ability to plan and develop their own trek and complete the excursion is paramount in the programme.

With the vast resources currently available, participants can utilise a range of options to develop their own plans. Digital resources such as Google Earth allow students to ascertain where their journey will take them and allow them to plan such activity.

The segment Adventurous Journey  is all about discovering a sense of  adventure and requires an expedition or exploration to be undertaken in a small team (4-7 people) in a challenging and unfamiliar environment, with an agreed purpose.

The participants are required to develop their own risk management procedures after taking account of the capabilities of those within the group.

l They must identify each participants ability and limitations.  

l They must develop an actionable plan to mitigate risks

l They must identify what each participant hopes to achieve

In the first segment the participants are introduced to the locale.

Students are taken on a geological, cultural and environmental journey through time in an entertaining engagement.

In the second program they are set an agenda to explore and discover for themselves each of the core components.

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 Introduction.     Ponder on the Past. Its a hands on experience.

Each participant is given a small pebble and asked to consider its origins. They then take the pebble with them and ponder where this little rock has been and what it has seen.

First component of the programme is to give an understanding of the environment that the treks are going to traverse.

Environment, Culture, &  Nature Treks

Inspiration by Exploration

Exploring the Terrain - Ancient Ranges .Megalong Farm is located at the crossroads of many points of interes

Trek No 1  The terrain and how it came about.   Discussion around walk time 4 hours  Lunch at specified location

Trek No 2  Takes in the area that indigenous - the Gundungurra - lived as well as the shearing shed of the Colonists  and devoted to the cultural aspect and the people who have inhabited the region both indigenous and colonialist.  Participants are instructed during the walk to gain an understanding of the challenges that face early inhabitants.

Trek No 3   Nature and its preservation is paramount and its impact  This trek is devoted to an immersion in nature.   The plants, their uses, their reliance on each other, how they adapt.  Participants are set tasks to collect leaf types and look for evidence of wildlife. Trek Walk Options –  4 hours – lunch at base camp or at specified location

Project outcome: to help sustain the biodiversity and conservation values of the diverse environments of the tracks and trails traversing the property.