Recent research revealed that guests are prioritizing mental wellbeing over traditional activities such as thrill seeking.

Recent research revealed that more guests are now prioritizing mental wellbeing over the thrill seekers of traditional adventurers. This change has seen people now engaging more with those immersive experiences in which they can help develop their sense of achievement in a more caring and pristine environment.

 No longer is the trend for luxury at all costs setting the agenda. Today the emphasis is on enabling a sense of achievement within ones own philosophy of what is really important.

 The ability to be able to ‘run wild’ is a cliche, but sums up the need to escape conformity.  Leaving  the mundane of the stress and compacted working week is on the wish list for most suburbanites.

 The impact of high density urban living is taking its toll on the need for ones own sense of space.  The ability to wind down without the glitz and glamour, to be able to smell clean air and  enjoy the sounds of silence are now paramount.

 All around the world the emerging trend is for eco friendly environments, for sustainable delivery of  experiences, for culinary adventure and unwind time to rejuvenate. Frequent smaller snippets are seen as being more beneficial, more achievable and more affordable. The  Marco Polo type  “once in a lifetime” journey of epic proportions are now being interceded with short getaways.  

 A weekend away with the girls or the fellows, with the family, or as a couple.  Dads and sons, dads with daughters, mothers with sons or grandparents getaways.. all have a bonding reassuring element of continuity  of connectiveness.   Simply time well spent is all that matters.